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Price list

Price list for laser cutting and engraving

Metal cutting

Price, per one inch of cutting
Material thickness
Carbon steelStainless steelNon-ferrous metal

from $0.06

from $0.08from $0.15
2mmfrom $0.08from $0.11from $0.19
3mmfrom $0.1from $0.14from $0.24
4mmfrom $0.14from $0.2from $0.28

Discount : 22% for the cutting lenght 100-500m , 35% for the cutting length 500-1000m

Cutting non-metal materials



Less than 1.52-34-56810   
Price per inch

from $0.05

from $0.07from $0.09from $0.14from $0.2from $0.27   

Calculation of the cost of the work is carried out with due regard to the accuracy, quality of the cutting edge required and the amount of labour involved. 

Engraving:from 0.1$ per square inch


Prices listed here do not include the cost of the material, delivery, and processing of digital files required for the laser cutting software. 

Minimum order 50$


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