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Since aluminum and its alloys have high thermal conductivity and low absorption capacity when impacted by a laser, laser cutting of aluminum can be much more difficult than iron-carbon materials. The problem lies in the fact that it is hard to achieve stability when cutting aluminum — a drawback that makes the process more time-consuming and may decrease the quality of the cut.

"Laser Cutting Plus" offers

At Laser Cutting Plus, we offer services in laser cutting of aluminum and its alloys using solid-state YAG lasers with radiation length of 1.06. The higher absorption capacity of these materials allows increasing the efficiency of the laser. Comparing the performance of a CO2 laser and YAG laser, the former requires 1500 Watts for the same job that the latter can do with 3 times less power. Thus, laser aluminum cutting using YAG laser results in a smoother cut surface. Note, however, that in many respects the quality of the end surface depends on the thickness of the material to be processed.